The Night Ride

Saturday September 25th, 2010

11:59 p.m.*

Ride through the country under a full moon

Breakfast at the beach at dawn

• No Fundraising Required •

50 miles • 72 Miles

The 50-mile route is flat, Flat, FLAT!

The 72-mile route has one hill any B-class rider can handle

Optional Transportation Available from NYC

Great Rest Stops • Superb Support 

All Routes Specially Marked for Night-Time Riding

Breakfast at Dawn • Free Massage

All Ages Welcome (Kids ride free!)

Free Custom-Made Racing Socks for the First 500 People to Register

Glen here -- your tour director and humble servant since ‘97.

We are off on a bicycling adventure together.

If it’s been much too long since you saw a sunrise...  If you’re ready to see the stars shine in a clear sky...

We’ll start riding just before midnight and pedal under the stars on roads lit by a full moon.  These are quiet back roads lined by trees and marsh grass.  There’s a beautiful old lighthouse.  Several beaches.  Some special views of the water. By dawn we’ll be out at the beach where we’ll have a pancake breakfast (included in the price of the ride) before finishing our ride.

The 25- and 50-mile routes are flat, Flat, FLAT.  No significant hills at all. There is one hilll on the 72-mile route that any B-class cyclist can handle.

At last we’re ready to announce our secret location:

We’ll be in Orient NY out on the North Fork of Long Island.  This is what the Hamptons must have once looked like -- farms, wineries, small towns...

For those of you familiar with our North Fork Century event we’ll be using a part of that route for this ride.  Think you’ve already seen this route?  Not at night you haven’t!  Breakfast will be at spectacular Orient Point Beach at dawn.

Photo of the Orient Point portion of the route by Simon BIrd.  (We’ll be seeing this part of the ride in daylight)

All About Lights

How are you going to see when it’s time to turn?  How are you going to see where you’re going?  Is this going to be safe?

ALL Night Ride cyclists MUST have a white light on the front of their bike and a red light in the rear.  MANDATORY.  (For starters, it’s NY State law...)  If you don’t have these lights we will be happy to sell them to you at the start line, but we WILL be inspecting EVERY bike before it hits the road.  No lights/no ride/no exceptions.  Really.  Gotta keep it safe and legal.  (We’re getting prices on inexpensive lights right now if you want to buy them from us -- we’ll post the prices as soon as we have them.)

We’ll be riding under a nearly full-moon, so it should be bright out.  Even so, this is no time to be hammering -- take it SLOW.

Whenever there is a turn in the route we’ll have signs that will be lit -- you’ll be able to see from far FAR away that a turn is coming.  When you get closer the sign will point clearly and plainly which way to go.  (Don’t forget that we’re in the country; not the city... these illuminated signs are going to REALLY stand out.)

What If I Need Help?

Of course we’ll be offering our fantastic S.A.G. on Demand -- just call the phone number that will be on the route sheet we give you and we’ll rush to your side.  Yes, even in the middle of the night.  ESPECIALLY in the middle of the night.

Am I Safe All Alone Out on the Road?

Not to worry -- you aren’t going to be alone!  We expect at least 500 cyclists and no matter how fast or slow you are, there will be people along who ride at your pace.  You are going to be surrounded by friends.  Of course if you WANT to be alone there should be plenty of room to stretch out on the route.

And Now a VITAL Word About Noise...

If you’re ready for a ride where you get to howl at the moon, hoot and holler, shout out to your friends, whoop in delight... you are on the wrong ride.  Please do NOT show up.

We are going to be riding through residential areas, and we have to be quiet.  REALLY quiet.  The only thing we should hear is tires on the road and maybe a deraillier changing gears.  Think of this as like a nature walk at night, except that we’ll be on bikes instead of walking.

I used to live in the city where there is noise everywhere.  Then I moved to an area similar to parts of the Night Ride, where if you hear ANYTHING at night other than frogs and crickets, it means, “WHAT THE HELL?” 

I can’t emphasize this enough -- this is NOT a rollicking party -- there will be plenty of time for that later.  On the road we need to keep it quiet.  If we can hear you, you’re too loud.


ALL routes start and end in Greenport, NY.  (We haven’t picked the exact spot yet for the start/finish line out of several choices, but Greenport is a VERY small town, so...)  ALL routes start and end in the same place.

You can either get to the Greenport start/finish line on your own, or use our OPTIONAL transportation to get your bike and you from Manhattan to the ride and home again. 

The Escorted Ride

We offer optional escorted rides for the 50-mile route and the 25-mile routes at no additional charge -- pedal with our trained leaders who will help you have a great ride.

What’s All of This Going to Cost Me?

Less than the price of a decent concert ticket.

Less than a dinner in a good Manhattan restaurant.

Less than a bad date. (MUCH less than a bad date!)

The price of the ride ranges from $79.99 - $185, depending on which options you choose. (To hit that $185 total you would have to select a LOT of options!)

Kids 12 years old or younger on ride day pedal for free.

If you prefer, volunteer to help run the ride and you can pedal some or all of the ride for free.

We’re looking forward to a fantastic night adventure.  On the following pages is everything you need to know -- how to register, what to pack, when to show up, and much, much more.

Sign up now!

Ride Hard.  Have Fun.  Don’t Act Like a Jerk.

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Your tour director and humble servant

glen @

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* You know...  11:59 P.M. -- just one minute before midnight.  How many people do you think are going to show up at one minute before NOON and wonder where we are?


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