You need to book your own airfare, and we are here to help!

Why don't we book airfare for you?


a) You can get a cheaper fare online than we can get by calling up the airline and offering to buy a block of seats.

b) Can you imagine trying to get everyone on the trip to agree to ONE flight schedule? Impossible!

c) Some folks may want to pay with frequent flyer miles.

You need to book three one-way flights for yourself.  

Don't freak out about one-way flights!  When I checked today this was cheaper than a standard round-trip fare, and it's easy as pie to book.

Here's what to do:

1. Pick your favorite online travel site -- Kayak, Orbitz, Expedia, other...

You are booking one-way flights. Here's what it looks like on a couple different web sites:

2. Book a one-way flight from your home that arrives in Las Vegas no later than 4 p.m. on Tuesday November 19th. (We recomend that you arrive much sooner if at all possible).  Want to arrive at the hotel a day or three earlier? Let us know -- happy to help. We do not mark up lodging -- you pay what we pay.

3. Get a one-way flight from Las Vegas to Tucson, AZ on Friday November 22nd. Southwest Airlines has a good schedule, and the sooner you book the lower the fare.  We recommend that you arrive in Tucson absolutely no later than 6:00 p.m. -- a mornng flight would be much better.  (We'll explain why in just a minute).

Be sure to look for Southwest's faster non-stop flights (instead of those that go via Los Angeles or Denver!) Other airlines are fine too of course.  (I mention Southwest in particular because their fares do NOT usually show up when you search the major travel web sites.  You have to go to the Southwest web site directly).

We will transport your bike for you so no worries there --- you do not bring your bike on the plane. We can transport your luggage for you too if you wish (although Southwest will usually let you check bags for free -- see their website for details).

After you arrive in Tucson and get settled in you need to pick up your rider packet for El Tour de Tucson and we'll help with all the details. (You need to show up in person, with photo I.D., and no one else can get your packet for you.  Their rules; not ours!)  Last call for packet pick-up is 9:00 p.m. Friday, so I recommend a morning flight out of Las Vegas.  We'll have all the info on packet pick up for you -- not to worry.

4. Schedule a one-way flight from Tucson, AZ back home on Sunday November 24th. Want to stay in Tucson longer?  We're happy to help -- just let us know.  The bike truck leaves Tucson at noon on the 24th, headed back home.

Need help with airfare?  We are here to serve!  Just drop us a note here.