Easy Transport for Your Bike

Some folks hesitate to take a cool bike trip because they don’t want to deal with packing and shipping their bike.

So we make it super easy:

No bike disassembly.

No packing your bike into a box.

No shipping fees.

No airline surcharges.

No re-assembling your bike far from home.

(And then have to do it all over again for the trip back).

Just hand us your bike, fully assembled, and we’ll do the rest. Tandems and recumbents welcome.

We've selected drop-off points in New York City, Cleveland, Chicago, Omaha, and Denver where you can drop your bike off for pick up in our private truck.

AND... you can drop off your luggage with your bike! That means no airline baggage fees for you.

Don’t live near one of our bike pick-up cities? Not a problem! We can take care of bike shipping for you. Just drop off your bike at your favorite local bike shop and we’ll do the rest! Rather have someone come to your home to pack your bike?  Just let us know! No need for you to take apart your bike or box it up. Extra expenses DO apply in this case. If you ship a bike box ahead we are happy to transport it during the ride. No charge.

Transport for You

Take a look here for all the info on getting yourself to and from the ride.