Here are a couple vital items that may not seem obvious at first, but...

Schedule of Events

You can be sure there will be little changes here and there, but here's the schedule to date:

Tuesday November 19th

The week before Thanksgiving

Arrival day in Las Vegas.  You choose the flight that’s best for you. You should plan to arrive in Las Vegas no later than 4:00 p.m. -- preferably earlier.  

I checked out all of the major Las Vegas hotels in person and picked my favorite -- The Aria hotel and casino.  The hotel has received a 5-diamond rating from the AAA and a 5-star rating from Forbes.

Located right on the Las Vegas Strip, the Aria is in the middle of all the excitement. Walking (or biking!) distance to everything. Big, but not too big; full service, great rooms, terrific restaurants.  If you want to arrive a few days earlier just let us know and we’ll help.  We do not mark up lodging -- you pay what we pay.

No waiting at the hotel’s check-in desk -- we have your key for you.  Just stop by the hotel’s Lobby Bar, let us buy you a drink if you want one, and you’re on your way.

•  • •

We hate group banquets -- you know, like a bad wedding where you only get a choice of chicken or fish and everything comes out sort of lukewarm-ish...

So instead we are holding reservations in a variety of first-class Las Vegas restaurants, all within easy walking distance of the hotel. We’ll post a list of restaurants and times and you pick the one that’s right for you. Go for a private table for two or join a group of your fellow cyclists -- your choice. This is included in the price of the ride.

We have a big day of cycling tomorrow, so after dinner sane and sensible folks will head straight to bed.

Which means that I won’t. (C’mon -- it’s Vegas!)

After dinner I’ll be leading a short optional night ride along the Las Vegas Strip and you’re invited along.

Our Pedal the West cyclists, out on our ride of the Las Vegas Strip at night. It was amazing!  I highly recommend zooming through the porte cochere at The Cosmopolitan casino -- great bike-riding pavement (and I like using the phrase porte cochere!)

Red Rock Canyon.  You can climb this hill OR we are happy to drive you up so you do the downhill-only version.  (Honest!)

Wednesday November 20th

We’ll have a terrific breakfast followed by our daily morning Bicycle Doctor Office Hours when a pro bike mechanic will be available for any last-minute tweaking your bike might need.

Then we’re off down The Strip and on to Red Rock Canyon, located just outside of Las Vegas.  Routes this day from 14 - 60 miles. (Or skip pedaling entirely if you prefer -- it's YOUR vacation!)

Our cyclists at Red Rock Canyon

As always we’ll be there with full S.A.G. (bike rescue) service in case you decide you’ve had enough and would prefer a lift.

We’ll have plenty of snacks including extra goodies you can put in your bike jersey pocket if you wish.

• • •

We’ll dine at the Aria Hotel buffet.  Before you roll your eyes and start telling Las Vegas buffet stories, I’ve eaten here and I swear that this place really is nice.  Trust me on this one.

Thursday November 21st

After a great breakfast we’re off to Hoover Dam, via the most amazing bike path I’ve ever pedaled.  Routes today from 11 - 58 miles.  (And if you think that 58-miles sounds too short for you, wait until you see how spectacular this route is -- you won’t be disappointed.)

The no-car bike-path to Hoover Dam

After we visit Hoover Dam we will have some lunch and then transport you back to Las Vegas for one last night. Dinner tonight is at leisure -- you’re on your own to explore Vegas! Please try to stay out of jail.

Friday November 22nd

We are outta here!  Today we fly from Las Vegas to Tucson, AZ.  Grab breakfast in Las Vegas (included) and then off to the airport. We will transport your bike for free, fully assembled. No bike packing, no bike shipping, no airline surcharges.  When you arrive in Tucson your bike will be waiting for you. (Pretty good trick, huh?)

In the afternoon we all head over to the nearby El Tour de Tucson bike expo to pick up our rider packets. In the evening we'll take you out for a fantastic pre-ride meal, but not too late -- we have a big ride in the morning!

Saturday November 23rd

We ride!  Today is El Tour de Tucson, one of the biggest, most popular, beautful bike events anywhere. Distances from less than a mile - 100 miles -- pick the one that's right for you. Think about how great it's going be to do this ride while it's freezing back home!

NOTE: We will help you get to the start line for the ride, and afterwords we'll all meet for dinner and a few drinks, but there will be NO Pedal the West services provided during ride hours.  (Because we'll be out pedaling the ride too!)

Tucson, AZ

Sunday November 24th

Time to head on home!

Relax and catch your breath after a big day of riding yesterday.

There will be optional breakfast in the morning -- included in the ride.

The bike truck will leave at noon to head back East.

We'll take your luggage and your bike -- fully assembled.

Catch the flight home of your choice, or let us know if you want to stay a couple extra days in Tucson -- happy to help.