Wednesday November 20th

We’ll have a terrific breakfast followed by our daily morning Bicycle Doctor Office Hours when a pro bike mechanic will be available for any last-minute tweaking your bike might need.

Then we’re off down The Strip and on to Red Rock Canyon, located just outside of Las Vegas.  Routes this day from 14 - 60 miles. (Or skip pedaling entirely if you prefer -- it's YOUR vacation!)

Our cyclists at Red Rock Canyon

As always we’ll be there with full S.A.G. (bike rescue) service in case you decide you’ve had enough and would prefer a lift.

We’ll have plenty of snacks at our rest stops including extra goodies you can put in your bike jersey pocket if you wish.

• • •

We’ll dine at the Aria Hotel buffet.  Before you roll your eyes and start telling Las Vegas buffet stories, I’ve eaten here and I swear that this place really is nice.  Trust me on this one.

After dinner we have tickets to see "O" -- Cirque du Soleil's Las Vegas show -- spectacular. Click here to see a preview of the show. If you're at work you're going to want to turn down your computer's volume before you click.